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IXcoin Description

IXcoin was released in April of 2011 in a manner similar to Bitcoin. The creator used the pseudonym Thomas Nasakioto. It is essentially a clone of Bitcoin, with the same 10 minute block times and 21 million coin maximum.

What makes iXcoin different from Bitcoin is its merged mining capability. Early in 2012 IXcoin added merged mining to boost its mining support. Some complain that Bitcoin, although revolutionary as a currency, wastes energy because it must be “mined” continuously to produce new coins and to secure it from network attacks. Mining requires significant computing power, but merged mining, it can be argued, puts IXcoin in the green category because it shares mining power with Bitcoin and other merged mined coins. Such mining allows multiple crypto-currencies to be secured by sharing 99% of their computing resources with each other. Thus the “added” computing power required by IXcoin is quite low. Merged mining is green mining.

What sets IXcoin apart from other crypto-currencies? IXcoin is in a unique position. It has a fixed 21 million coin maximum for the number of coins which were created. Many of the other leading coins do not have a fixed cap. A definite maximum gives investors the ability to better gauge long term value, and removes any fear that inflation from oversupply will eat away at the value of their coins. Such has been the dilemma for decades with traditional currencies, and IXcoin will not repeat such mistakes. This leaves IXcoin in a unique position of being one of the oldest, most mined, most secure, and most efficient of the crypto-coins

Currency Name: IXCoin
Currency Code: IXC
Algorithm: SHA-256
Launched (first block mined): April 29, 2011
21 million maximum coin cap (last coin mined at Block #227498 on October 13, 2014)
10 minute block times
144 block difficulty reset period

Where is my wallet stored in IXcoin?

Your IXcoin wallet is stored in the Ixcoin data directory. This is the same location format as with Bitcoin and will typically be of the form:

- Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application data\IxCoin

- Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10: C:\Users\YourUserName\Appdata\Roaming\IxCoin

- Linux: ~/.ixcoin/

- Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Ixcoin/

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